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Cole Thorne, Jacob Rountree, Andrew Olivo, Lane King

Cole Thorne (Vocals & Percussion), Jacob Rountree (Vocals & Guitar), Andrew Olivo (Bass) Lane King (Pedal Steel & Guitar)


"The sound proposed by this artist, together with his band, is truly an incredible musical experience.

The first thing that struck me is Jacob Rountree‘s beautiful vocal timbre, a deep voice that manages to speak directly to the soul and heart of the listener and makes you believe the words of the lyrics.

We are faced with a great singer-songwriter who, together with his band, manages to entertain us with the quality of the musical arrangements and the proposed music.

This sound has the ability to transport you to a parallel universe in fact Jacob Rountree was able to find his music and has created a unique and ethereal musical limbo around his vision.

Absolutely recommended to everyone. Magical and Refined!"

-Edgar Allan Poets

" Together [Rountree and the Band] have been able to create beautiful performances that audiences have fallen in love with. Needless to say, Jacob Rountree is shaping up to be a premiere talent in the music industry, which is why we are super thrilled to show off his latest release, ‘Vertigo’.

‘Vertigo’ is the latest single to come from Jacob Rountree and is an elegant Acoustic Folk song that will bring nothing but beautiful, soulful energy to your day. The song starts off with gliding, fingerpicked guitar that creates an other worldly experience right from the beginning. Jacob’s main vocal line quickly makes itself known. His performance in this song can be described as warm and comforting, almost like a welcoming hug from a family member. The instrumentation in this song is minimal, but is absolutely perfect for what this song is trying to accomplish. This is one of those songs that will instantly put your mind at ease. So, whether you are looking for peace of mind or are looking to unwind, this is the perfect song for you. We will be adding ‘Vertigo’ to our Chill Collection playlist, so be sure to go give it a listen!

Please use the link below to give Jacob Rountree a follow and show him your support! "

-Gifted Balance Records

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