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As I See It CD

As I See It CD

This is Rountree's second Album made available on June 3rd 2022. 

This album is other worldly, with the power to transfer you from the emotions of a comfortable hug of a family member, to a world of introspection with the perfect balance uplifting dancable songs sure to grow on the listener the more time they allow to hear the deeply poetic lyrics, combined with stack of powerful and unique sonic textures. 


Jacob Rountree: Recording, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Midi Cello, Banjo, Drums, Percussion, Production, Mix.


Luke Scheeler: Final mix/ Master


Alex Platt: Drums and Percussion


Leah Dobby: Female Vocals


Marcus Bendon: Drums


Leslie Fox Humphreys:  Cello


Andrew Tumason: Calabash


Keelan Evins: Bass


Cole Thorne: Female Vocals


Alex Speed: Guitar

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